6 Major Benefits Of A Garage Heater For Your Edmonton Home

Most homes in Edmonton have a garage where families store their vehicles, tools, bikes, toys, and much more. These spaces often become our personal storage space for all sorts of items, however most garage’s do not have a heater  This can result in our items getting frozen and damaged from the harsh freezing temperatures. Having a garage heater can provide homeowners with a variety of benefits and increase the overall comfort of your home.

Vigor Heating & Plumbing offers high quality garage heater installations and repairs to make your home more comfortable in sub zero temperatures. Here are some of the benefits of installing a Reznor garage heater in your Edmonton home.

  1. MAINTAINS A COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE – If you are a person who loves spending time in your garage working on different projects, it is certainly more comfortable to do it when it’s warm. Having a stable temperature in the garage can also allow you to store items over the winter that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. An example of this would be plants, liquids/chemicals, paint and more. In Canada, we often store our kids stinky sport equipment in the garage also. A garage heater will help their gear dry out faster and reduce odors buildup while increasing the life of the equipment .
  2. KEEPS YOUR PETS WARM – Some home owners choose to keep their pets in the garage at night or when they leave the house. Having a garage heater is a way to help keep them comfortable and happy. Our garage heaters are mounted to the ceiling/wall and are well off the ground so that they are out of your pets reach. This way, there is no risk of them being injured.
  3. KEEPS YOUR CHILDREN WARM AND FAMILY HAPPY – Getting in a cold car is no fun for anyone, especially young children and parents on their way to school each morning. Having a garage heater will help keep the car warm so that your family is cozy and happy no matter how cold it gets.
  4.  HELPS MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE: Maintaining the right temperature in the garage not only keeps your children warm, but is also beneficial for your car. Cold weather causes metal, air, and other elements to expand and contract. When you start your vehicle in the morning, the heat from the engine morphs the cold metal engine block and causes warping over time. This freezing and thawing process every day can negatively affect your cars battery, engine block, and body/frame. A garage heater will help you combat this and increase the longevity of your vehicle.
  5. REDUCE THE RISK OF CARBON MONOXIDE BUILD UP IN YOUR GARAGE – Some home owners will start their car first thing in the morning to warm it up. However, if you park you car in the garage, the emissions from your vehicle will build up. These emissions leak into your home, fill your car, and are harmful when breathed in. By adding a Reznor garage heater to your home, you are eliminating the need to warm up your vehicle and improving the air quality in your home/car.
  6.  REDUCE EMISSIONS AND GAS COSTS – As mentioned above, most Edmontonians will warm up their car in the morning. This idling consumes a lot of fossil fuels and costs you a lot of money over the 6-8 cold months of the year while also causing harm to the environment. By installing a garage heater with Vigor Heating & Plumbing, you are actually saving yourself money in the long haul and contributing to a greener planet.Now that you know the major benefits of installing a garage heater, how do you know which one to choose? Each home has different requirements based on the size and construction of your garage. Vigor recommends Reznor garage heaters to most home owners. Their UDAP model heaters are rated as being high efficiency and are the best option for long term residential space heating.   Reznor’s UDAP series is built upon Reznor’s proven technology and are specially designed, offering 83% thermal efficiency. These heaters are available in many sizes to heat every type of spaces, from small to large.For commercial settings, various BTU models are also available depending upon the space size and requirements. They also have selection of oil fired & gas fired heaters that have over 80% thermal efficiency.To have a garage heater installed in your Edmonton home you can text or give our team a call anytime, or submit a request for a FREE quote online at www.vigorheating.ca. If you are a business owner who requires a little more heat and needs a commercial space heater, text or give our team a call to get a recommendation and quote.