Plumbing Concerns In Edmonton Winters

Plumbing can cause big problems and yet is overlooked by many homeowners.  The internet has some wonderful tips, however some issues are better entrusted to a plumber that is licensed and insured. Vigor Heating and Plumbing is an Edmonton based Best In Class Plumbing company that can not only solve your plumbing related issues but can also help with maintenance advice. For Vigor’s Plumbing Professionals, no job is too big or small.  Every expert is licensed and insured and are always ready to provide you with Edmonton’s Best Plumbing Professional services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.


  • FROZEN WATER PIPES – Frozen water pipes are the most frequently found problem during our Alberta winters.  If you discover this issue, carefully close the main valve of water supply and pour hot water down the drain.  Check the insulation around the area to ensure this is a not a reoccurring problem.
  • BURST PIPES – Pipes can burst due to freezing or corrosion.  This is a problem that needs immediate attention. To control this situation, first turn off the main water supply to prevent your home from flooding and then call Vigor’s team of professionals. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to diagnose the problem and address the required repairs.
  • DRIPPY FAUCETS – If you have a drippy faucet, first close the major valve that is responsible for feeding the leaky faucet.  Some leaks are an easy homeowner fix but if you have a persistent leak give Vigor’s team a call and we can diagnose and fix the leak to ensure your money is not flowing down the drain.
  • CLOGGED TOILETS – Sometimes foreign object may have flushed down the toilet and cause big problems. If you are unable to unclog your toilets, then contact Vigor’s  Plumbing team to diagnose this issue and unclog as needed.

These are the most common plumbing issues homeowners may face in Edmonton.   If you are looking for a reliable and honest plumbing company, contact Vigor Heating & Plumbing.   To Access 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas call 780-489-9939 ext 202.