Check Your Furnace Before The Holiday Season!

By December 23, 2012 April 26th, 2021 No Comments

Well the season is upon us. As we take a few days off to appreciate family let’s hope we can keep warm. As the rest of the world is enjoying turkey and stuffing the staff at Vigor will be out making sure everyone is comfortable.

One of my favorite times of year since I got in this trade is Christmas. I always feel that people are happier and seem to always have a spare cookie to share (makes me feel like Santa).

I just wanted to send out a couple of tips to ensure the heat stays on this holiday season.
1. Check your furnace filter. A dirty filter can cause a lack of air flow cause you heating system to operate less efficient and hotter than it should. A plugged filter can also cause the systems high limit switch to trip leaving you with no heat.
2. Check you furnace exhaust and intake vents for snow blockage. As the snow is falling outside there is a chance that your high efficient furnace exhaust can get blocked. In Alberta the code states the the exhaust and intake needs to be 12″ above the outside grade so it doesn’t get blocked with snow. If you have lived in Alberta for long you know we can get much more than 12″ of snow, and the snow tends to drift, causing banks against our houses.

If your furnace does happen to go down over the holidays or anytime for that matter please feel free to call for a service call, or even to just chat and get a bit of advice.


Dan Howden