Four Things To Do To Get Your A/C Ready For Summer

With the outdoor temperature on the rise, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is in fine form for the upcoming heat. Follow these four tips to get your a/c ready for summer.

  1. Start outside. Inspect the condition of the outdoor unit, and spray it down to remove dirt build up and debris. Remove the panel and carefully use a soft brush or cloth to clean the aluminum coil fins.

    Next, ensure the unit is clear of debris. Clean up or move any plants, twigs, rocks or grass clippings that are within two feet of your unit.

    Finally, turn on the outdoor switch and ensure the humidifier bypass is closed.


  1. Check your vents. In addition to clearing obstructions from the outside of your air conditioning unit, you also need to clear away anything that can block airflow. Move furniture and adjust curtains that may be blocking vents, and ensure that no more than 20% of your supply and return vents are closed.


  1. Change your air filter. Cleaning or replacing your filters is the easiest A/C maintenance task that can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your unit. Kick off summer with a new filter, and ensure cleaning or replacing the filter remains on your summer maintenance to-do list.

  2. Turn it on. You never want to find out that your air conditioner is not working on the day that it’s needed most. As part of you’re A/C preparation, make sure you turn the air conditioner on for at least one hour. Check all of your vents for cool air and listen for any strange noises. If anything seems out of place, contact a HVAC professional to come check it out.


Want to know more about preparing your air conditioning for summer or need a technician to inspect your unit? Contact us at Vigor Heating. We’re here to help.