How to Get More Out of Your Air Conditioning

Summer is heating up, which means your air conditioner is probably working over time. Concerned about climbing electricity bills? Don’t worry. Here are a few tips to help you keep cash in your pockets while staying cool:

1. Close the blinds and curtains to keep the sun out. This will help prevent your place from heating up during the day. Of course, no one wants to avoid the sun altogether, so simply close the curtains on the windows facing east in the morning and those facing the west in the evening.

2. Ensure there is nothing blocking the supply registers and returns to maximize airflow and comfort. If furniture is in the way, consider redecorating for the summer season.

3. Set your optimal temperature and leave it there. You won’t cool your house down any faster by setting the temperature super low; it’ll only waste energy. Instead set the fan speed on high.

4. Along with regular a/c maintenance, replace your filters often. When your air conditioner is working hard, change the filters at least once per month and more often if you have pets that shed. Also keep an eye on poplar fluff build up on your condenser.  When poplar fluff is heavy, as it has been this year, it can build up and restrict air flow causing expensive repairs and higher electricity bills.

5. Remember to get regular tune-ups from a trained technician. A professional can check for and repair any damage to the air conditioner or ductwork, and ensure your entire system is working properly.

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