Keep Extra Cash In Your Pockets With Simple AC Maintenance

Want to keep a bit more cash in your pockets this summer? Taking a few minutes to maintain and clean your air conditioner will help lower your energy bills and protect it from unnecessary wear and tear, preventing costly ac repair. Follow these simple tips to prolong the life of your unit.

  • Regularly replace or clean your filters. When your air conditioner filter is clogged or dirty it slows the circulation of air, which makes cooling your home more difficult and increases the cost of your energy bills. By keeping the filter clean, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5%.
  • Keep the area around the condenser unit clear. Ensure there is a clear space of two feet on all sides of the unit and an unobstructed upward path of five feet. Remove anything that could obstruct air flow, such as bricks, rocks and plants; trim back bushes and shrubs; and hose out leaves or grass cuttings.
  • Once a month inspect the condition of the outdoor unit. Spray it down to remove dirt build up and debris. Remove the panel and use a soft brush or cloth to clean the aluminum coil fins, and carefully straighten any fins that are bent with a flat screwdriver or fin comb.

In addition to do it yourself maintenance, having your air conditioning system checked by a professional in the spring every year can help prevent costly air conditioner repair. A trained technician will check for and repair any damage to the air conditioner or ductwork, test the system controls, clean and adjust the thermostat, inspect electric terminals and tighten connections.

Want to know more? Contact us at Vigor Heating for more advice on maintaining your air conditioner or to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians.