Keep Your Edmonton Home Cool This Summer!

When my husband tried to convince me that we needed to remove our boiler system and install a forced air system with air conditioning I have to admit I was a hard sell!  I had so many excuses…”our summers are so short, we don’t get that many hot days, we can open the windows, it’s an extra operating expense…”  I have to admit, after ten years with air conditioning I don’t think I could do without it anymore!  Coming in from gardening or playing with the kids and being able to reset my body temperature, having less dust in the house and sleeping good all summer long won me over.  I monitored our power bills for the first couple years and with a  properly installed and sized system, our bills were averaging $30/month higher than before the installation which seems like a win to me for all of the benefits!  When we get calls for air conditioning quotes, most times the caller has had air conditioning in their past home and does not want to be without it again.  I can totally enter into that now!  For those of you who already have air conditioning installed, here are some things to watch for to make sure that you are staying cool all summer long.

Causes for concern with your existing air conditioning system:

  • NOT COOLING THE ENTIRE ROOM – if you notice your air conditioner is not cooling the entire home, the cause may be the size of your cooling system.  A system that is sized correctly ensures low usage costs, constant comfort in cooling and prolongs the life of your air conditioner. When summers get hot, your Air Conditioner works harder to give optimum results and a unit that is not sized properly works harder than it should.  Edmonton’s Cooling Expert – Vigor Heating & Plumbing can come and determine if size is causing this problem.
  • SYSTEM IS CONTINUOUSLY TURNING ON OR OFF – if your system is continuously turning on or off after a short cycle, a dirty condenser or evaporator could be the main reason. Make sure your unit is clean and free from all blockages including vegetation.  Poplar fluff and dust/dirt can clog the coils and in most instances can be something a good clean by the home owner can resolve.  Other times, however, different tools or cleaners are needed and we are happy to come and help!
  • FAN IS NOT ROTATING – When summer is at its peak and your air conditioning is working hard, sometimes the fan stops rotating as a result of the fan being burnt out .  At this point the fan needs to be replaced otherwise it can cause major troubles. Give Vigor Heating & Plumbing a call to get your cooling system running smoothly.

If your air conditioner is an older model that is costing you money to run and maintain, or maybe air conditioning is a new addition to your home, give Edmonton’s Best Air Conditioning Services a call!  We are happy to run through options with you and give advice.  Our experienced technicians can help you find the right sized system to fit your needs at both residential and commercial levels. We provide Edmonton with Trustworthy Air conditioning installation services at affordable prices. Additionally, we have qualified staff that service and repair Air Conditioning Systems. Our service technicians are available 24-hours a day for your emergency needs.  Give Vigor’s expert a call at 780.489.9939 to request an appointment or visit our website @