Radon – Is this something for me to think about?

In the last couple months we have added radon testing and installation of radon removal systems to our list of mechanical services.  When we were approached by an existing customer to provide him with radon removal, we were unsure of how in depth we wanted to go!  Radon is something we have heard of as being a big deal out east but what about here in Alberta?  But then we started hearing from Calgary affiliates that radon is the real thing!

Radon is now the 2nd highest cause of lung cancer in Canada and is growing each year as more cases are reported.  As a mom and someone who has personally felt the raw devastation that cancer can cause, I have had to rethink the safety of my home.  I am not a smoker and we have a non-smoking home so I haven’t thought of lung cancer as being something that I need to think about.  Could the radon in my home be building up and causing a future problem for my family and I?

Thankfully this isn’t something I need to lose sleep over.  There are easy tests that can be done to assess if it is a problem and an easy solution.  I love having my home as a haven – I am not willing to let radon be a worry for us!