Your Spring HVAC To-Do List

Spring is finally here, which means you’re probably spending a lot of time getting the house and yard prepped for summer. Before you finalize your to-do list, ensure your furnace and air conditioner have made the cut. Prep your furnace for hibernation and ensure your A/C is set for summer. Here’s your spring HVAC to-do list.

1. Clean your furnace and remove any debris.
Dirt is your furnace’s biggest enemy, impacting the efficiency of your system and causing it to work harder than necessary. This ultimately impacts your wallet because dirt in your furnace can lead to costly repairs and actually shorten the lifespan of your system. Make sure to take a few minutes to clean the filter system, blower and motor, and remove any major debris.

2. Change your filters.
Prevent dust build up by replacing or cleaning the filter in both your furnace and air conditioner. This is easy. If you’re replacing the filter, remove your old filter and replace it with a new one of the same type and size. If you’re cleaning the filter, rinse away the dust in the sink or hose it down in the yard.

3. Clear the area around your air conditioner condenser unit.
To ensure maximum efficiency, you’ll want at least two feet of clear space on all sides of your condenser unit. Clear away any obstructions by pruning back plants and bushes, cleaning out any old leaves or debris, and removing bricks and rocks from around the unit.

4. Get your thermostat checked by a professional.
While you can do a lot of your own air conditioner maintenance, it’s smart to have a professional check everything out once per year. A trained technician will check for and repair any damage to the air conditioner or ductwork, test the system controls, clean and adjust the thermostat, check refrigerant pressures and levels, inspect electric terminals, and tighten connections.

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