Spring is the Perfect Time to Start Planning For Air Conditioning!

With spring settling in nicely to the Edmonton area, minds are turning to green grass, longer days and cool homes.  Vigor Heating has been asked frequently lately when is the best time to book an air conditioning quote and installation.  We highly recommend you start phoning or emailing for air conditioning quotes as we enter the spring season while there are better options of installation dates and better availability of equipment.

For a proper start up to be completed on an air conditioner, the temperature needs to be 15 degrees Celsius or higher however an air conditioner can be installed anytime after the snow is gone and the ground is thawed and able to be leveled.  The installing company would then return when the weather is warm enough to do the start up.

Choose a company that you trust to do an air conditioning installation that not only cools your home most efficiently and accurately, but also does a professional looking installation.

Contact us at Vigor Heating for a free no-obligation air conditioning quote and you can too enjoy a cool home all summer long!