8 Signs Your Furnace Requires Attention Before the Holiday Season

(8 Signs that your furnace requires attention before the holiday season)

It is November in Edmonton and the holiday season is here! Families are setting up Christmas lights, decking the halls, and stocking the fridge with eggnog! With snow piling up on the driveway, winter is when we see furnace repairs become the most common service that Edmonton home and business owners require. Since heat is a major priority in Canada, we help you ensure that your Christmas present isn’t an unexpected furnace replacement bill. That is why Vigor Heating and Plumbing offers 24 hour furnace repairs in and around Edmonton. We want to ensure your home is warm and cozy for when Santa arrives this Christmas.

Our team specializes identifying the root cause of your furnace problems to ensure you don’t get hit with the same problem month after month. Our local furnace technicians fix the problem and ensure we save you money and frustration in the long run. Here are the top 8 signs that you should call our team sooner than later this winter.

Signs you need an EMERGENCY furnace repair or annual furnace tune up:-

  1. FURNACE IS BLOWING COLD AIR – If your furnace has started blowing cold air or cool air instead of hot. This is one of the signs that you need to call a furnace repair company. The main cause of producing cold air is often leaking ductwork and it is likely that your furnace is not able to properly distribute heat to your entire house anymore. This require experts who can analyze the source of the issue. Call Edmonton’s best plumbing and heating company!
  1. STRANGE, LOUD and UNUSUAL SOUNDS ARE COMING FROM YOUR FURNACE – If your furnace has started making strange, loud and unusual noises when it turns on then this matter should not be ignored as this is often the warning sign of something more serious and should be repaired before your furnace completely breaks down. A loose belt, ignition problem and/or fan issues could be the actual cause of these unusual sounds and will not go away with an old school whack of a hammer or by shutting the door. Next time your furnace kicks in, listen for these loud sounds and if they are present, call on of Edmonton’s expert HVAC companies to help diagnose your issue.
  1. BURNING OR PUNGENT SMELL COMING FROM YOUR FURNACE SYSTEM – If you ever notice a burning smell in your home then consider it an emergency situation. Before placing an emergency call, shut down the system immediately if it is possible to do so. Then give our furnace team a call as this could be the sign of a clogged air filter or dust build up in the vents that is at risk of starting a fire in your duct system. This can also come from your dryer if you do not clean the vents often, therefore it is key to shut the dryer off as well if it is running.
  1. FACING HIGH HEATING BILLS – Are you paying high heating bills? Or have you noticed your heating bills have been rising steadily over the past couple months. Well this could be a sign your furnace needs to be repaired and on its last stage of life cycle. Although there are many reasons your bills could be rising, our team can inspect your furnace and help you diagnose areas of potential issues. Our HVAC technicians are experienced with Edmonton’s climate and understand it’s effect on your home.
  1. PILOT LIGHT IS YELLOW – Generally blue pilot light is ideal and indicated your furnace is operating properly. But if you notice that your pilot light is burning yellow then this may indicate that the gas combination of your furnace is not accurate. This issue is not one that is easily repaired, therefore it is best to call a professional furnace repair company and have them inspect the entire system for gas leaks and equipment breaks.
  1. FACING PROBLEM IN STARTING THE UNIT – Your furnace should not take several tries to start. Unlike a lawn mower, these systems are designed to easily turn on and off based on climate conditions. If you have problems starting your furnace, it could be time to replace your furnace, however, before making a big investment like that, have the Vigor team take a look at it. Our team may be able to fix this problem by replacing the thermostat, repairing a pilot light or fixing a fan motor instead of the whole system.
  1. CLOGGED FILTERS –The furnace works well if its filters remain clean and unclogged. To ensure the proper function of your furnace, it is important to pay attention to its filters and replace them every 2-3 months depending on a variety of home & climate conditions. In many cases our team discovers severly clogged filters in furnaces which become a fire hazard and increase the heating bill of your home. If you require assistance changing/cleaning these filters, contact Vigor, your local furnace repair company.
  1. LACK OF ANNUAL MAINTENANCE – Most furnaces last 15 – 20 years with basic maintenance. However, we have seen some furnaces last under 10 years when they are forgotten. With the average furnace costing over $2000, it is not an expense most Edmonton families can withstand at a moments notice. The Vigor Heating and Plumbing team understands this. That is why our goal is to provide annual furnace maintenance to your home so that you can save that money for the things that matter most to you like vacation, Christmas presents, and family trips!

Every technician at Vigor Heating & Plumbing is highly trained with years of experience to ensure we fix your right furnace the first time. We provide 24 hour furnace service incase your old unit decides to bite the dust in the middle of the night, during a family event, or when you’re away on holidays.

We make it easy to schedule your repair with our online scheduling form. To book you annual maintenance, visit https://vigormechanical.com/contact/ and provide us your details to receive a free quote! Our team will schedule your next visit whenever works best for you! If it’s an emergency, please call our team at (780) 489-9939. We pride ourselves on being Edmonton and areas most reliable, trustworthy, and professional HVAC service provider 24 hours a day.