What Vigor Mechanical Ltd is doing about COVID-19

As a family owned and operated company, Vigor Mechanical Ltd cares about each one of our valuable employees and customers.  We have taken immediate precautions in addition to standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of all.

We are monitoring our workers for:

  • Any signs of illness
  • Any travel, even outside of the Edmonton area, is discouraged

Isolation at home during personal hours is encouraged and if any sign of illness is reported, employees are asked to stay home until symptoms have resolved (minimum 14 days) and to keep daily contact with Vigor Mechanical Ltd.

If any travel is required, we are asking that all workers in this situation are required to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.

We are limiting personal interactions by:

  • Practicing social distancing of 2m, in both personal and work hours
  • Ensuring workers are always able to practice those requirements

Our employees are expected to wash their hands and wipe down their equipment, tools, and work spaces throughout the day. We are providing the applicable items to sanitize as needed, including spray sanitizer, soap and water.  Our employees also have masks available and we are using them on an as needed basis.  I you or anyone in your office is immunocompromised and requires extra caution to be taken, please let us know as we are prepared and happy to accommodate everyone’s needs!