What Vigor Mechanical Ltd is doing about COVID-19

As a family owned and operated company, Vigor Mechanical Ltd cares about each one of our valuable employees and customers.  We have taken immediate precautions in addition to standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of all. We are monitoring our workers for: Any signs of illness Any travel, even outside of the Edmonton area, […]

10 Easy Steps to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly This Summer

Save Money & Keep Cool with regular maintenance of your Bryant Central Air Conditioning Unit for your home in Edmonton.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you money by extending the life of your air conditioning unit and also on your energy bills. Here are some simple steps for homeowners that are easy to follow and take less than half a day to complete. Now is a great time to complete cleaning and maintenance before […]

Spring Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your sump pump is not a large job – it is so small, in fact, it’s easy to overlook. The consequences of sump pump failure can be huge and as a result it is recommended that you maintain your sump pump at least once per year, ideally during spring. Spring thaw is when the […]

Plumbing Concerns In Edmonton Winters

Plumbing can cause big problems and yet is overlooked by many homeowners.  The internet has some wonderful tips, however some issues are better entrusted to a plumber that is licensed and insured. Vigor Heating and Plumbing is an Edmonton based Best In Class Plumbing company that can not only solve your plumbing related issues but can […]

Keep Your Edmonton Home Cool This Summer!

When my husband tried to convince me that we needed to remove our boiler system and install a forced air system with air conditioning I have to admit I was a hard sell!  I had so many excuses…”our summers are so short, we don’t get that many hot days, we can open the windows, it’s […]

6 Major Benefits Of A Garage Heater For Your Edmonton Home

Most homes in Edmonton have a garage where families store their vehicles, tools, bikes, toys, and much more. These spaces often become our personal storage space for all sorts of items, however most garage’s do not have a heater  This can result in our items getting frozen and damaged from the harsh freezing temperatures. Having […]


Water Heater Issues

It is 2019, which means a new year is here! For many Edmontonians this means a future or recent move to a new community within the city. One of the struggles of moving into a “new to you” home is that the equipment is often outdated and will need to be replaced. One of the […]


Air Conditioning Edmonton

You walk into your basement for the first time in a few weeks and notice there is mold damage, ruined carpet, damaged wall paper, rotten wood floor and much more… So you swing open the furnace room door to find a massive puddle of water beneath your furnace! This is a lot of homeowners worst […]

8 Signs Your Furnace Requires Attention Before the Holiday Season

(8 Signs that your furnace requires attention before the holiday season) It is November in Edmonton and the holiday season is here! Families are setting up Christmas lights, decking the halls, and stocking the fridge with eggnog! With snow piling up on the driveway, winter is when we see furnace repairs become the most common […]


With the recent snow fall it is no surprise that fall (possibly winter) is well underway!  And with this change of seasons comes an endless list of problems you may face with your home. Most people worry about the furnace and heating of their home, but equally as important to take care of is your homes plumbing […]