Radon – Is this something for me to think about?

In the last couple months we have added radon testing and installation of radon removal systems to our list of mechanical services.  When we were approached by an existing customer to provide him with radon removal, we were unsure of how in depth we wanted to go!  Radon is something we have heard of as […]

Sanuvox is the Answer!

Have you ever had a smell that won’t leave your house? Have you ever had a virus that won’t go away? Sanuvox is an easy answer. We became a Sanuvox dealer after a family emergency had us searching the web for a solution. My brother was boiling chicken bones one night for soup and went to bed, […]

Spring is the Perfect Time to Start Planning For Air Conditioning!

With spring settling in nicely to the Edmonton area, minds are turning to green grass, longer days and cool homes.  Vigor Heating has been asked frequently lately when is the best time to book an air conditioning quote and installation.  We highly recommend you start phoning or emailing for air conditioning quotes as we enter the spring season while […]

Your Annual Backwater Valve Maintenance To-Dos

As we mentioned in our last post, backwater valves are one of the best defenses against flooding. However, like any other part of the home, they require regular maintenance to ensure they will work properly when needed. Here are some simple maintenance tips to follow at least once per year and after major storms to […]

How to Get More Out of Your Air Conditioning

Summer is heating up, which means your air conditioner is probably working over time. Concerned about climbing electricity bills? Don’t worry. Here are a few tips to help you keep cash in your pockets while staying cool: 1. Close the blinds and curtains to keep the sun out. This will help prevent your place from heating […]

Four Things To Do To Get Your A/C Ready For Summer

With the outdoor temperature on the rise, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is in fine form for the upcoming heat. Follow these four tips to get your a/c ready for summer. Start outside. Inspect the condition of the outdoor unit, and spray it down to remove dirt build up and debris. Remove the […]

Reap The Benefits of Air Conditioning This Summer

With Edmonton more often known for its cold winters rather than its hot summers, many of us don’t think about installing an air conditioner until it is too late. By the time the temperatures hit the high twenties, many of us are scrambling for an off-the-shelf product just to get a good night’s sleep. This […]

Your Spring HVAC To-Do List

Spring is finally here, which means you’re probably spending a lot of time getting the house and yard prepped for summer. Before you finalize your to-do list, ensure your furnace and air conditioner have made the cut. Prep your furnace for hibernation and ensure your A/C is set for summer. Here’s your spring HVAC to-do […]

Say Goodbye to Dry Air and Hello to Home Humidity

The air from your furnace has probably kept you toasty warm over the past few months, but it’s likely also dried out the air in your house. If you’re finding that your skin is drier, your eyes are a little itchier and your hardwood is losing its luster, consider adding a humidifier in your home. […]